2022 On-Line Registration – sign up for the swimming and/or diving team plus anyone interested in the trial week.
Having trouble using the online registration – email Sandy

Before you begin: Have your calendar ready so you can make an educated guess about which meets your child will be able to swim.  Changes can be made later.  If signing up for the trial week, please answer based on you athlete continuing for the full season.   Please complete the form as fully as possible.  We are a large team and the more info we have in advance the smoother the season will run.

After you register, you will receive an email with your registration form for you to electronically sign.

Payment:  During registration you will choose if you want to pay via Paypal (2.3% fee added) or Cash or Check.  If you select Paypal, a request of payment will be sent when your registration form is processed.
Money is NOT collected during registration.

Checks should be made payable to OSDT, and turned in at Practice.
Oxford Parks and Recreation can not accept money for OSDT.

Many of your questions are answered on the FAQ page.

Once you click submit, your registration paperwork along with an invoice will be emailed to you.  Turn everything in to the registration table prior to your swimmer / diver entering the water.

Trial fee will be applied to the total amount due if your athlete chooses to continue past June 8th.  Final payment is due by June 8th.

Purchase a pool pass at the Oxford Parks and Recreation building. – Every swimmer and diver is required to have a pool pass.  This fee pays for the team rental of the pool for practice and meets.  Must be purchased by June 8th.

Volunteer Requirement:

After you complete the OSDT registration,  please visit SignUpGenius to select which meets your family is able to work to fulfill your families’ work requirement.  OSDT families must sign up to work a minimum of 2 meets.  (each adult working counts as 1).  It takes approx. 40 workers to run a dual meet.   All jobs must be filled or we can not start the meet.
Review the MEET VOLUNTEERS web page for descriptions for the various jobs.

Team Suit Sale

Swim Suits will be available at the team suit sale.  If you are unable to attend, contact SwimVille USA @ 1-800-595-1153. Let them know you are part of Oxford Swimming and Diving Team so that you receive our discounted price.